Weekend Challenge #1: (June 7th-June 10th)

Do a study of the upper body, male or female-or both!

You can choose to study by simply practicing the upper body, or preferably doing a muscle and or skeletal study. Recently we have posted many tutorials, references and guides to help with this weekends challenge, try going to our Tumblr page and searching “muscle” or “anatomy”

Submissions are open until Monday, so make sure to get your submission in on time!

Some things to note:

-Make sure you color each muscle differently to properly diagram them.

-Only 2-3 submissions will be chosen to feature on our page, if you’re not chosen-don’t worry about it, it’s random and has nothing to do with skill level. Just keep practicing and eventually you will get featured c:

-Post here: http://qualitytutorials.tumblr.com/submit

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