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As an artist, you’ll have to draw turned heads countless times. But when the head is turned, drawing the far eye poses a special challenge. This is because we must foreshorten that eye more than we’re used to, and because we’re tempted to shape it like the near eye, which is less foreshortened. Therefore, it’s useful to practice drawing the far eye by itself, without the near eye to throw you off. Print these sheets, draw the eyes, and you’ll save yourself great difficulty later.

Note that all of these eyes are facing our left. You’ll need to practice right-facing eyes as well, so flop the sheets in Photoshop, print them again, and draw those also.

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I’m 100% positive that I posted a master reference post of the elements, fire, water, grass, clouds, ect. And I cannot find it anywhere on the blog (it’s gone!) does anyone maybe have it reblogged or liked so I can reblog it on the blog again? It’s very handy (in fact I need it right now myself haha)



Cameron Drake: X-Ray Gifs

on Behance

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I’ve had people insist that I used 3d an photos, despite my assertion that I haven’t. You can see the thread here But this isn’t for them. This is for people that like to see the process of an illustration. I tried to break it down, but if there are any questions, please ask. I have no problem with artists using photos or 3d in their digital work, so when I say I didn’t use photos or 3d for this image, it was that I wanted to see what I could accomplish on my own (with a couple of filters at the end). And if after this process post people still refuse to believe that I didn’t use photos or 3d….. I will take that as a compliment.

Admins Notes// Sometimes looking at the process of your favorite artist can push away the jealousy and feeling of inadequacy-it helps to show HOW they made such greatness, and can give you an idea of how to better organize your own work.

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