Hello Tumblr! I need some help, I’m really hoping you rebloggers will work your magic!

EDIT: I have set up a GoFund Me!

So a lot has happened this past week. I have discovered that I very likely have anxiety, and not a low amount either. Stress and lack of sleep is making the symptoms go…

I’ve got some donations (thank you!!) but I’m still very far from my goal, reblogging to get it in circulation again!

PS: I’m still waiting for a call from the doctor, so we can get started on hopefully getting rid of the cancer.


I still have much to learn, but I’m told I’m a good teacher, maybe it’s because I’ve BEEN THERE.
Whatever you’re stuck on, any grey areas you may have, now is the time to ask!
I can also provide visual aids, find tutorials related to your issue, red line or make a custom tutorial-just for you :)

So pass this along so we can help as many artists as possible!




This PSA brought to you by the institute of I Promise It’s Okay If It Didn’t Come Out Right The First Time and the department for Big To Small, General To Detail - It Works.

Admins Notes// A perfectly simple yet elegant way to explain an age old frustration.




The Shape of Ideas

Admins Notes// Inspiration!



As an artist, you’ll have to draw turned heads countless times. But when the head is turned, drawing the far eye poses a special challenge. This is because we must foreshorten that eye more than we’re used to, and because we’re tempted to shape it like the near eye, which is less foreshortened. Therefore, it’s useful to practice drawing the far eye by itself, without the near eye to throw you off. Print these sheets, draw the eyes, and you’ll save yourself great difficulty later.

Note that all of these eyes are facing our left. You’ll need to practice right-facing eyes as well, so flop the sheets in Photoshop, print them again, and draw those also.

Admins Notes// Some great advice here!

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