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Illusions of the Body was made to tackle the supposed norms of what we think our bodies are supposed to look like. Most of us realize that the media displays the only the prettiest photos of people, yet we compare ourselves to those images. We never get to see those photos juxtaposed against a picture of that same person looking unflattering. That contrast would help a lot of body image issues we as a culture have.  

Within the series I tried get a range of body types, ethnicities & genders to show how everyone is a different shape & size; there is no “normal”. Each photo was taken with the same lighting & the same angle.  

Celebrate your shapes, sizes & the odd contortions your body can get itself into. The human body is a weird & beautiful thing. 

Photographer: Gracie Hagen

Admins Notes// Definitely something to think about when drawing the human body, also wonderful references c:

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Little nugget of advice that really changed the way I approached painting. When I started blending like this it was a real turning point for my art quality.

Forgot to add that lighting conditions and other factors in a piece make the hardness you want to choose somewhat variable. Drawing things like skin is more of a hardness range than it is a hard rule. 

Eheh…get it? Hard rule? (aaaaaaaaaand i’m done). 

Admins Notes// I OFTEN see beginner digital artists painting with a soft brush, and trying to explain why that’s not necessarily the best way to approach digital art has been a challenge-so hopefully this post will help artists struggling with soft and blurry art to break from that shell c:

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Admins Notes// Here we go! a nice collection of nature tutorials!

Leaves Tutorial

Tree Tutorial

Fire Tutorial

Sky Tutorial

Water Tutorial

Bark Tutorial

Elements Tutorial

Grass Tutorial

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An awing fuck-ton of big cat references.

And here’s a link to a spectacular image that helps distinguish types of big cats. It’s insanely helpful, and you’d be doing yourself a majour disservice if you don’t use it:

Please note that in the first cheetah GIF, the head has been insolated. When running, the head will bob up and down slightly. Not a lot, but just know how the head attaches to the neck and how that moves when the body is oscillating up and down when they run, like in the second GIF.

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